We are two former fashion executives who bonded over our shared frustration with the boring — and often plain ugly — clothes and gear available for kids, particularly at a range of price points. We wanted options as colorful and fun as children themselves, but that didn’t offend our own aesthetic sensibilities as adults.

Trusting our instinct that other parents felt the same way, we launched Milk Teeth, a one-stop shop for joyful kids clothes and accessories, in September 2021.

It was the pandemic and we both had full-time jobs and young children at home, but we were driven by the conviction that becoming a parent shouldn’t mean compromising your taste level or sense of self.

Buying children's products should be an enjoyable experience, not an uninspiring compromise. Your kid has got plenty of good years ahead for tasteful Scandinavian neutrals — now is a time for power clashing and maximal patterns. It's time to stop buying stuff you don't like for your kids.